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Transforming Hurt & Racial Inequities into Vision, Value & Empowerment

THRIVVE is an Empowerment Circle for professional Black women, facilitated by two coaches who understand the challenges associated with navigating careers as Black women. Our goal is to provide a safe space for participants to explore how their racial and gender identity show up at work and offer support for creating an empowering vision for their professional and personal lives as they navigate inequities.

“Women are having a worse experience than men. Women of color are having a worse experience than white women. And Black women, in particular, are having the worst experience of all.” 

If you answer “yes” to three or more of these questions, this program is for you!

What is THRIVVE?​

THRIVVE is a 6-week virtual Empowerment Circle designed to lift Black women with tools and resources that will help you level up your confidence and remove blocks to your vision.

Session 1

Identity & Your Whole Self

Clarify how your various identities show up in your life and work, identify your top strengths, think about what being Black means to you and reflect on how this impacts you professionally.

Session 2

Vision & Values

Identify your values and create an intentional vision for your life, personally and professionally.

Session 3

Purpose & Authenticity

Explore whether or not you’re showing up authentically and how your purpose grounds you and provides freedom to be your best self in or out of the office.

Session 4

Healing & Self-Care

Learn best practices for healing from workplace trauma, including microaggressions and other forms of bias. 

Session 5

Value & Empowerment

Put your vision into action. Address beliefs that may be limiting your career growth and development.

Session 6

Community & Connection

Develop a sustainability plan by tapping into a community that will keep you connected to your vision and values as you continue to create an intentional life and career.

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