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Get clear on your goals with one-on-one coaching designed to meet your unique objectives.


We partner with your organization to develop leadership programs and facilitate onsite.

Job Search

Get the support you need to propel your search as
you seek your next career opportunity.


​Are you feeling stuck, frustrated, or wanting something to change or shift in your life, but you’re not sure how to get started? Maybe you’re frustrated with your manager, are dealing with a performance issue with a direct report, or having conflict with a peer? Perhaps you’re ready for a career or life change? Coaching can provide the brain space you need to clarify next steps, improve behaviors, and discover a new perspective.​

Individual Coaching

Our customized, one-on-one coaching helps you get clear goals and objectives and create a plan to achieve them. Coaching sessions are virtual – by phone or Zoom video conferencing – at your desired frequency: weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly.

Team or cohort style coaching​

Add coaching to your organization’s leadership training or new manager training programs. Each team member or individual from a cohort takes an assessment to identify leadership development opportunities and works with their manager to develop coaching goals. Our one-on-one coaching focuses your trainees on achieving those goals.


Is your team struggling to work together as a cohesive unit? Is your organization suffering from silos and lacking collaboration? Do you offer management or leadership training to your new managers? Check out our consulting services to find out how we can support your team or organization with our customized consulting offerings.

Leadership development

We partner with your organizational development or Human Resources manager to design, develop and lead facilitated leadership training and management topics of your choice. We also facilitate programs with the content you already have.

Team facilitation​

Our customized workshops or team-building events are developed with input from your group leaders. We'll identify objectives, develop an agenda, and facilitate the event. We also follow-up after the event to ensure your team remains on track.

Job Search

Are you ready to embark on a job search and not sure how to get started? Maybe it’s been a long time since you’ve been on the job market or perhaps you’re a recent graduate with lots of possibilities and you want to narrow down your focus? Consider our job search support services.

Job Search

Give your next career move a boost of confidence with job-search specific coaching which includes valuable content released over four modules. You will receive helpful resources, information, assessments, and exercises—20 hours of suggested activities to propel your search and support you as you seek employment.

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