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As your coach, my role is to help draw out the solutions, answers and ideas that are inside of you. I’m not solving your problem for you or mentoring or advising. I act as a conduit to your process of self-discovery. Sometimes that means I’m a thought-partner or sounding board. Sometimes it means I’m holding up a mirror for you in order to point out your blind spots. Other times, I’m a cheerleader.

I listen fully to you – both to what is said and to what is not said. I may challenge you or offer my perspective or what I’m sensing. I share what I heard from you, confirming and validating what you say, think, and feel. I am honest, and I will give it to you straight – and I expect you to do the same. Trust and openness are essential in a coaching relationship.

I have a direct yet supportive approach. I am here for you between coaching sessions if there is a breakthrough, good news, or a question you have for me. What you share with me is completely confidential – between the two of us only. 

I may ask you to dig a little deeper or suggest some homework to explore thoughts or beliefs between our coaching sessions. The space I create for you is psychologically safe and built on trust. But it is all you. The work is yours to do. I’m along for the ride to guide you on the path you’re creating. 

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