Upcoming events to promote learning

Upcoming Events

We offer programs to help you build your leadership skills and support your growth and development in the workplace. We invite you to find a course, group coaching program or training program that will help you recharge your career goals. Spaces are limited, so register early to ensure a spot in your desired program.

Join us for a free poetry reading featuring poets and writers who collaborated on the anthology, ENOUGH: Say Their Names...Messages from Ground Zero to the WORLD, an historic book depicting events following the death of George Floyd through writing and poetry, the board-up artwork, and photography that speak to the need for justice and equality through […]

A workshop designed to help new managers navigate imposter syndrome.Are you a new manager who is exhausted by perfectionism? Feeling like a fraud? Afraid of being found out? You’re not alone. Over 70% of people have suffered with imposter syndrome at one time or another. Imposter Syndrome often undermines new managers. Instead of excitement, persistent […]

A workshop designed to help new hires navigate imposter syndrome.You got the offer, hurrah! You were selected for the job because you're qualified and you're the best candidate. Confidence, optimism, excitement are filling you. But soon doubts, worry and fear of failing creep in, and before you know it, Imposter Syndrome takes root. You’re not […]