Upcoming events to promote learning

Upcoming Events

We offer programs to help you build your leadership skills and support your growth and development in the workplace. We invite you to find a course, group coaching program or training program that will help you recharge your career goals. Spaces are limited, so register early to ensure a spot in your desired program.

THRIVVE: Empowerment Circle Program for Black Professional Women

THRIVVE is our 6-week empowerment circle program for ambitious Black women seeking clarity, inspiration, and community. Each week we will explore topics related to personal development and growth. Our program will provide the tools and resources to level up your confidence to remove blocks to your power and success. You will be surrounded in sisterhood by women who will support you as you go from disheartened to joyful… from surviving to THRIVVE-ing!

We will learn how to more effectively manage our emotions with a greater understanding of our emotional intelligence (EQ).Our last three monthly THRIVVE webinars have had a notable theme – dealing with emotions. We have learned that as Black women we often find ourselves in personal and professional situations where effectively managing our emotions can […]