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Getting Smart About Emotional Intelligence: What’s Your IQ about EQ? Part 2

July 26, 2023 @ 6:00 pm August 8, 2023 @ 7:30 pm

We will learn how to more effectively manage our emotions with a greater understanding of our emotional intelligence (EQ).

Our last three monthly THRIVVE webinars have had a notable theme – dealing with emotions. We have learned that as Black women we often find ourselves in personal and professional situations where effectively managing our emotions can be challenging, to say the least. We can learn how to more effectively manage our emotions with a greater understanding of our emotional intelligence (EQ).

Getting Smart About Emotional Intelligence: What’s Your IQ about EQ? Part 2 – July 26, 2023

After discovering your level of self-awareness and self-management, we bring awareness to your connection to humanity. In part two of this interactive webinar, we will explore the other-oriented aspects of emotional intelligence: social awareness and relationship management.

Social awareness describes your ability to recognize the emotions of others, including the ability to assess dynamics within an organization. This is sometimes referred to as the ability to “read the room”. The goal is not to manipulate or control, but rather to relate and connect. Emotionally intelligent people strive to understand the feelings and perspectives of others, which enables them to communicate and collaborate more effectively. Research continues to identify EQ as the most critical skill for leaders in this new world of work, where the ability to positively influence others, instead of controlling or even managing them, is paramount.

This is what we call relationship management, which includes the ability to express yourself in healthy ways, to listen actively, to empathize and demonstrate compassion, to resolve conflict effectively, and collaborate towards shared goals. Also included in this skill is the ability to mentor and coach others as well as the ability to be mentored and coached.

In this workshop you will:

• Learn how self-awareness and self-management (the first two elements of EQ) drive social awareness and relationship management

• Identify the impact you wish to have on others; and explore your opportunity areas

• Practice listening actively and expressing empathy

• Explore how to use your awareness to respond mindfully and appropriately

• Learn the difference between mentoring and coaching; and understand what it means to be ‘coachable’

Join us as we explore the continuum of emotional intelligence that will help you grow personally and professionally as a Black woman.

Who are we?

Asila Calhoun is a certified coach whose coaching business, Calhoun Coaching & Consulting, focuses on partnering with new leaders through executives from a variety of professional backgrounds who are ready for change. Asila facilitates this change during one-on-one and group coaching sessions with her clients and through her consulting services of delivering leadership training, team facilitation, and diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging coaching, consulting and training.

Asila has a direct yet supportive style that facilitates self-discovery and growth in her clients. Asila is recognized as a coach and facilitator who deeply listens to what her clients say – and do not say, inquiring about what she’s sensing while offering a different perspective.

Asila earned her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from UC Berkeley, and she holds PHR and SHRM-CP HR certifications. She is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), and a Certified Inclusion Coach (CIC). Asila is also a certified meditation teacher.

Joelle LaGuerre is a certified HR professional – a consultant and coach with a passion for positive psychology. A trainer and facilitator by trade, she is a dynamic presenter with an evident enthusiasm for both individual and organizational growth.

Through her company PRO-YOU, Joelle works with coaching clients to focus on self-awareness and exploration as the foundation for meaningful career and leadership development. An equally passionate consultant, she seeks to help organizations develop strategies that promote optimal individual and team performance.

Joelle earned her Bachelor’s degree in organizational psychology from Oakwood University as well as a graduate certificate in leadership development from George Washington University. She is a certified professional in talent development (CPTD) and she is a Associate Certified Coach (ACC).


Asila Calhoun
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