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Black Women in the Workplace: Don’t Just Survive, THRIVVE!

January 23, 2023 @ 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Join us for a free live webinar to hear about the unique challenges facing Black women at the intersection of race and gender

How do racism and sexism impact Black women in the workplace? Research indicates that this intersectionality adversely affects Black women across industries and occupations in a variety of ways. Black women are the most educated demographic, and yet you wouldn’t know that by looking at where we are in terms of leadership in organizations. We’re surviving, but are we thriving? In this webinar, you’ll hear about our THRIVVE philosophy: Transforming Hurt & Racial Inequities into Vision, Value, & Empowerment.

Black women in the workplace face unique challenges that inhibit success, from everyday microaggressions and tokenism to lack of sponsorship. Race and gender continue to create negative outcomes for professional Black women, including pay inequity and limited promotional opportunities. This is often accompanied by subtle but pervasive messaging regarding competence, skill, and perceived performance. Black women work harder to prove themselves while others climb the corporate ladder based on “potential” or “culture fit”.

In this workshop, you will hear about the day-to-day experiences of black women in the workplace ––through data and personal stories. You will also be invited to share your stories and connect with other participants. You will take away strategies for helping yourself and/or others navigate the unique challenges of being a black woman, including affirming self-identity, prioritizing your self-care, and establishing healthy boundaries. You will leave with tools in your toolbox to help you THRIVVE.